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Drastic Fall's new self titled album is AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!
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Awesome Review From The SoundCheck

Rackems Friday 6/12/2014 – Drastic Fall

Well this weekend in ROCK started off with a powerful bang at Rack'em Billiards in Cape Coral, Florida!!

I sauntered into Rack’ems on a usual Friday night prepared to see The Defiant for the first time. I wasn’t thinking to much about the opening bands before hand as I LOVE Remedy X and have seen them numerous times..And then to what my wondering eyes should appear…Holy Shit Batman!! It’s a freakin sick, off the chain, blow your mind instrumental quartet called DRASTIC FALL!!! Want to talk about a WOW FACTOR!!?? They are it!! And my big question of the night was “Where in gods name did this guitar player come from” and “Is he even human”? This band molested my ears and I was all too accepting of the audible assault. Drastic Fall is the epitome of excellence. Their timing, extraordinary rhythms, hard driving percussion beats…and oh yes…did I mention that guitar player? What band do you know that can come on to you like Primus and then just when you think you have their sound/genre figured out they slap you in the face with Red Hot Chili Peppers / Pantera sound…Then there’s that guitar player that whips out a bango and rocks it out insanely making you beg for more! Oh My God!! Drastic Fall gets 5 Stars from The SoundCheck! This band is an exquisite rupture of sweet musical chaos that I do not mind being addicted to. After I’m done writing these reviews today I am so going to download their CD!! If you want to hear for yourself why I am so floored by Drastic Fall visit their websites at




Drastic Fall is proud to announce our signing to Melodic Revolution Records. We would like to thank Nick Katona and everyone at MRR, J-Rock and Patty, Jesse Kage and our family, friends and fans everywhere. Without all of your support we would not be here. We love you all. Now get ready for Drastic Fall.